CASE STUDY adidas Group IT Multi-Sourcing at adidasPrepare

CASE STUDY: adidas Group: IT Multi-Sourcing at adidasPrepare adidas case for class discussion.Prepare a brief write-up (no more than 5 pages) on the case addressingfollowing issues:· Which kind of riskwould diminish with multi-sourcing? Which kind of risk are enhance?· Multisourcing incontext of automobile industry, mentioned at a few places in the case, probablymeans sourcing for parts from different suppliers. Is that a good parallel forIT services consumed by a firm?· Is the term multisourcing applied to service delivery as well as project delivery?· What are IT relatedcapabilities need to achieve goals specified on page 4? Do these capabilitieswere already available to adidas in 2012?· Is the IT governancewell defined at adidas? Will you describe IT governance as centralized,decentralized, or hybrid? Did it achieve high level of business and ITalignment?· Would you be ratheramong the top ten customers of a service provider than 257 of large serviceprovider? After all the large service provider most got to where it is byexcelling in servicing its customers.· Why would questions“What functions or tasks should I outsource?” and “What do I want tointernally?” lead to different answer? Aren’t these two questions two sides ofthe same coin?· Does adidas really needCMMI level 5 and CMMI level 4 vendors?· Who would bear thecost of going through the learning curve to understand clients business?· If the overall projectis given to a single vendor who then engages other vendors, will we still callit multi sourcing? Wasn’t Adidas creating and artificial layer of bureaucracy?

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