Challenging Implementation Please respond to the following

Challenging Implementation’ Please respond to the following:1. Based on the topics covered to this point in the course, assess what you consider to be the two most challenging implementation issues for wireless networks. To what degree do these implementation issues keep organizations from adopting wireless technologies in their organization?2. Suggest ways in which organizations can overcome implementation issues for wireless networks.’Challenging Standards’ Please respond to the following:3.Based on the topics covered to this point in the course, assess what you consider to be the two most challenging aspects about adopting and supporting standards in wireless networking or wireless technologies. 4.Assess whether these issues can be addressed and mitigated at the organizational level or if they need to first be addressed and changed at the standards organization level. Support your position.’Bluetooth’ Please respond to the following:5. Briefly describe the current uses of Bluetooth as well as the benefits it provides for personal uses and for business purposes. Assess the degree to which you believe Bluetooth technologies will advance in personal and corporate environments.6. Analyze how Bluetooth technologies can be used in an organization’s strategic planning. Give at least one real-life example that supports your answer.’WPAN Standards’ Please respond to the following:7.Assess the impact and benefits that your selected IEEE 802.15 Working Group activity brings to the wireless market from a business perspective as well as a technical perspective. 8. Recommend ways in which the information provided can be improved. If there are currently plans to enhance, update, or improve the provided information, give your opinion on whether you believe the improvements will add value. Support your position with a real-life example.

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