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Topic: Foundation of U.S. Healthcare Delivery


Your introduction paragraph must briefly discuss the topic

2. What purpose does an understanding of the history of health care delivery serve?

3. Which factor or factors have been predominant in shaping U.S. health care?

4. Is EBM a worthy goal for U.S. health care delivery?

You need the attached file to read more on the topic. Also, you need to read Chapters 2 and 3 of the e-book I gave you: Essentials of U.S. Healthcare Delivery. Please state more than five sources, in addition to the book. Please observe all the rules for APA format. Please do not include & in a citation, but only use and. Use & in the reference. Please not all the conversations we had about APA format, because I don’t want the support staff to take additional money for telling you to do the right thing. You must use 700 words.


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