chemistry assignment 4 questions about experiment

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Constant-Pressure Calorimetry of Acid-Base Neutralization Reactions

1.Show all of your calculations in both trials to get the final average heat capacity of your coffee cup calorimeter (Ccal).

2.Show all of your calculations in all trials to get the final heat of each reaction (three values of qrxn) and the molar enthalpy change of each reaction (three values of ΔHrxn).

3.( Use all three values of ΔHrxn to find the average molar enthalpy for the acid-base neutralization reaction.Calculate the percent difference between the highest and the lowest of your three experimental values for ΔHrxn.

4. Use percent difference and percent error to discuss the accuracy and precision of your results. What issues/errors may have caused your results to be inaccurate and/or imprecise?


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