chemistry assignment 5 questions

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The purpose of this experiment is to determine the atomic mass of aluminum by reacting the metal with acid and measuring the amount of hydrogen gas formed.
1. Use Dalton’s Law and Table 10-1 to calculate the partial pressure of H2 gas (PH2) collected in your Florence flask.

2. Use the displaced water volume measurement and the Ideal Gas Law to calculate the number of moles of H2 gas produced by the reaction.

3. Use the stoichiometry of the balanced chemical reaction to calculate the number of moles of Al consumed in the reaction.

4. Calculate the percent error using the molar mass from the experiment and the known molar mass of Al.

5. Discuss the accuracy of the procedure, making sure to refer to the percent error values. Describe a few issues/errors that may have caused your results to be inaccurate.


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