Chemistry: The Chemistry of Food and Alchemy

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LAB 2: Chemistry of Food & Alchemy

NOTE: There are two parts in this assignment. Please submit after completing all parts, write the title of each part in your assignment.

Part 1:

Lab 2: Chemistry of Food : 10 Points

Pick any two food items from the pantry or grocery store that you like and learn about Chemistry in it. Please upload the picture of the label of the food item.

(For example, if you are drinking orange juice, then on the label you will see it may say “added calcium.” So, look for the symbol, atomic number, mass number or any other Chemistry fact you find about the calcium, and write that. Look around on different food labels in the house and find elements in it.)

Suggested list:

  1. – Name of the Food
  2. – Serving per container
  3. – Serving Size
  4. – Calories per serving
  5. – Carbohydrates %
  6. – Protein %
  7. – Fat % Saturated and unsaturated
  8. – All Ingredients
  9. – What elements could be present in the ingredients? Write the name and symbol of the element.
  10. – An interesting fact(s) about the element that you found in your research.
  11. – What kind of questions do you have or what do you wonder about the food labels?


Part 2: Alchemy: 20 Points

Answer each question in a minimum of 50 words and use correct grammar.

A) Answer the following questions based on the information in the video above:

  1. Why is gold considered to be valuable?
  2. Who owned the gold mines during the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations?
  3. Explain the elixir of life.
  4. What contributions to modern chemistry were made by the alchemists?

Answer the following questions based on the information in the video below:

  1. Explain retort and how it works?
  2. Identify the elements mentioned in the video?
  3. Describe alchemy, explain what alchemist actually did, what kind of text they left? Why was it difficult to understand?
  4. What is Aqua Regia? How can we make it today, how could alchemist describe it?
  5. Explain Boyle’s work.


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