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Discussion Board Post Assignment #1: Miller, Chapter 8 (Part 1)

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to open a list of questions on Miller, Chapter 8 and choose at least 5 questions to answer – please write a brief paragraph in response to each of your 5 questions, utilizing the information provided in the chapter. Please number each of your paragraphs, and be sure to reference the page number(s) of the applicable information for each question, in your answer. You may of course supplement and expand in your response with personal examples and information, but be sure to include the answer to the question from the chapter.

Discussion Board Post Assignment #1: Faber, Chapter 5 (Part 2)

Faber Chapter 5 discusses Descriptive Praise and Alternatives to Criticism. These are both such important skills to develop in communicating with children, so the part two of this DBP is an exercise in practicing these skills.

Utilizing a scenario of a child acting out in his kindergarten class because he does not want to listen to the story, provide an example each of (A) Descriptive Praise, and (B) Alternatives to Criticism. Provide complete examples that include the actual words you would use, and label your responses.


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