choose a play written in the 20th or 21st Centuries, no musicals. Students will read the play, then write an essay based on the bullet points listed below. Students will also create a slide presentation based on the outline below.

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Guidelines for Final Project Paper.I. The Play and AnalysisWrite a brief summary of the play you have chosen.What is the genre of the play?What is the structure of the play (climactic, episodic, or situational?)Does it contain Classical or Modern Exposition?List the Inciting Incident, Crises, and Climax.What is the setting of the play? Specifically, what is the period of the play? II. StagingWhat is your general design concept for the play?Are you presenting it in a realistic or non-realistic manner?What type of stage will you be using? (proscenium, thrust, etc.)What type of set will you use? (box, unit, etc.)Are there any special needs or effects that are necessary? Will the scenery need to move? How will you deal with set changes?III. CostumesWill the costumes be appropriate to the period, or are you changing the time period?Will there be any wigs?Are there any special make up needs?IV. LightingWill you be using realistic or non-realistic lighting?What sort of moods will you need to create?Will you need any practicals on your set?Will you need to create sense of time with your lights?V. Characters (Choose 2 characters to discuss)List the characters 3 traits. Be descriptiveDiscuss the characters’ objectives and obstacles.Describe the character arcs of both characters.VI. ConclusionBriefly describe why you chose this play.What do you like or dislike about this play?Guidelines for Final Project Slide PresentationTitle PagesTitle with playwright’s name (if you are doing a musical, list all writers.)Your namePlay SummaryInciting IncidentAll the crisesClimaxResolutionDesignConcept (Realistic or non-realistic)Ground PlanSet PictureCostume Design (2 plates)Lighting concept – a brief description of the ambiance you wish to createCastingDescribe 2 charactersList the physical, emotional, and mental traits for each of the three characterList the objectives and obstacles for the three.Describe the character arcs.


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