Choose any three of the following of the mnemonic devices yo

Choose any three of the following of the mnemonic devices you learned about: jingles, sentences, words, story lines, acronyms, or pegging. Pick methods that are new or not very familiar to you.Then, try out the three methods to memorize any information that you want to remember later. For example, you could use the following:Material that has been covered in this course so farInformation from a book (such as a textbook)A list of vocabulary words and their definitions (either in English or in a foreign language)A list of telephone numbersAny other information that you always wished you could rememberAfter you think you have memorized the information, test yourself 30 minutes later, then a few hours later, and if you are working on this assignment ahead of the due date (as you are always encouraged to do), a day later.On the basis of the above activity, write a response in approximately 300 words in which you:Name and describe the three memory techniques you selected.Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the different techniques with one another and with any memory techniques you used before this assignment.Explain whether you find that your preferred memory technique coincides with your learning preference that you identified in Module 1.Describe which technique(s) you will use in the future and why.

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