Climate Change Discussion

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Read the following introduction and answer the questions. Then reply to at 2 of your classmates’ answers with value-added replies (e.g., not just “I agree”):

Hi everyone, my name is Brendan Therrien and I’ll be leading the discussion on climate change. For the first time ever, the majority of all American adults believe climate change should be a top priority (according to Pew Research). Clearly this issue, despite still being controversial, is one that has raised great concern in the minds of many people. In the coming decades, climate change has the potential to wreck incredible havoc on both economies and peoples.

The movie “An Inconvenient Sequel” follows Al Gore’s attempt to influence climate and environmental policy. Watch the movie and then respond to some initial questions to get the discussion going:

  1. Who deserves the most blame for the existing environmental challenges, including climate change? Consumers? Corporations? Government?
  2. In the movie, India’s Minister of State for Energy asked Al Gore why India should pursue renewables so strongly if the US is unwilling to make change. Does he have a point?
  3. Should a struggling (and perhaps smaller) business be expected to adhere to the same environmental standards as a large corporation (not necessarily legally speaking, but from an ethical standpoint)?


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