Coastline MS100 M01/02 Quiz latest 2017 (Perfect Answer)

M01/02 Quiz Chapter 1 and 2 QuizQuestion 1The theoretical premise that the sum of 1 + 2 + 3 will equal 7 or more is known as:quality effort.contingency awareness.synergy.Question 2The behavioral school of theory focuses upon:price.products.people.promotion.Question 3External forces that may influence planning include__________ forces:socialall of the abovetechnologicalpoliticalQuestion 4Which management function focuses on creating a structure to facilitate the accomplishment of goals?leadingorganizingstaffingplanningQuestion 5Quality of organizational achievements can be identified by measuring ____________.customer needs being metexpanding overseas marketsamounts of immediate profitsnumber of skilled employeesQuestion 6Managers whose expertise lies primarily in one or another of the speciality areas such as marketing, operations, or finance are known as:functional managers.middle managers.supervisors.Question 7A thorough understanding of how a total system works requires an understanding of how:component parts are use maximize profits.costs affect production.Question 8The information role that constantly scans the environment is:spokespersondisseminatormonitorexternalistQuestion 9The branch of management science that applies to manufacturing or service industries is called:industrial management.operations management.technical management.quantitative management.IncorrectQuestion 100 / 1 ptsOne phrase that captures the essence of contingency theory is:experience makes rightspeak softly and carry a big stickalls well that ends welluncertaintyQuestion 11Which of the following management functions do top managers typically spend most of their time doing?planningstaffingleadingcontrollingQuestion 12The essence of the quality of any output is the ability to:develop quality circlestrain employees on quality controlstart with quality inputsmeet the needs of the customerQuestion 13Differing cultural and national origins, varying ethnic and racial backgrounds, different age groups and mental capabilities represents:skills of managementdiversityglobalizationa management myth.Question 14Management options, variables, and situations characterized the __________ school.quantitativeclassical sciencecontingencysystemsQuestion 15Management “scholars” such as Owen, Mayo, Maslow, and McGregor endorse the ____________ school of theory.systemsbehavioralclassicalquality focusQuestion 16Reengineering is not referred to as:performance improvement.rethinking measures and controls.focus on ineffective processes.process rethinking.Question 17An entity managed by one or more persons to achieve stated goals is known as a(n) ____________.organizationgroupcorporationbusinessIncorrectQuestion 180 / 1 ptsAn organizational system is comprised of all the following 19The title, Father of Scientific Management, is often attributed to ___________.Frank GilbrethHenry GanttFrederick TaylorHenry MetcalfQuestion 20The first management theory that gave specific attention and concern to Employees was the ____________ school.behavioralquantitativeclassical scientificclassical administrative

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