Columbia Southern Medical Office Health Field and Total Quality Management

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines a patient’s visit to a medical office. You must develop a process flowchart using flowchart symbols and guidelines from Chapter 4 of your textbook for the scenario below.

  • The flowchart starts when the patient arrives at the doctor’s office and the receptionist performs the check-in process with the patient.
  • The receptionist pulls the chart and advises staff.
  • The clinical staff gets the chart, calls the patient from the waiting room, and puts the patient in a room.
  • The clinical staff gathers information from the patient, reviews the chart, and documents the information. (This is a predetermined process that has additional activities that are not listed here.)
  • The clinical staff notifies the doctor that the patient is in the room and waiting.
  • The doctor reviews the chart and sees the patient.
  • The doctor communicates any procedures and/or follow-up appointments with clinical staff.
  • The doctor provides a prescription and a doctor’s note if applicable.
  • The doctor completes the visit by deciding and resolving the issue(s).
  • The doctor charts documentation by inputting data into the chart/computer.
  • The doctor returns the chart to the clinical staff.
  • The clinical staff completes the task of getting any future appointments and any final documentation needed.
  • The flowchart is finished when the patient completes the visit and checks out at the receptionist’s desk.

Your presentation should be at least eight slides in length and include the following sections:

  1. title slide,
  2. process flowchart,
  3. total quality management application (i.e., How can total quality management be used to improve the process?), and
  4. process improvement recommendations.

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