Community change

  1. In your textbook The Social Work Practicum: A Guide and Workbook for Students, review Chapter 5, “The Community Context of Practice.”
  2. Use the Internet to locate an important community meeting, such as a township council meeting, or community collaboration meeting that your agency participates in or that impacts your client population(s). Discuss with your field supervisor and other social workers a local community meeting that would be relevant to attend. Attend this meeting and take notes (if allowed) about key issues and discussions that are related to your clients’ needs and experiences. Be particularly mindful of:
    1. Phrases and terms that are used to describe needs, risks, and strengths of individuals living in the community and affected by community decisions
    2. Research, anecdotes, historical information, and/or assumptions made that drive important community discussions and decisions
    3. The participation and input of any social justice leaders in the community meetings, and how they use their skills, knowledge, and values to advocate
    4. Specific ways your field agency may be impacted by the discussions and decisions at this meeting
  3. Synthesize the information above as collected from attendance at the meeting into a two- to three-page APA Style formatted paper. Apply your reading from The Social Work Practicum and at least one additional scholarly article about community change.
  4. Next, describe your reaction to attending the local community meeting. Do you feel hopeful about positive changes in the local community, or worried about any policies or issues which could negatively impact your client population(s)?
  5. Finally, explain why might it be important for social workers at your agency to be aware of local community conversations. How might this awareness be beneficial for practice?

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