Comparing interprofessional approaches (nursing and midwifery) to an ethical issue

Comparing interprofessional approaches (nursing and midwifery) to an ethical issue

Topic: Comparing interprofessional approaches (nursing and midwifery) to an ethical issue
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Comparing interprofessional approaches (nursing and midwifery) to an ethical issue
To COMPARE and CONTRAST interprofessional approaches to an ethical issues in the practice setting. Each interview of a health professional discussing an
ethical issue in clinical practice. The topic is on consent.
Similarities and differences between the two interprofessional responses (NURSING and MIDWIFERY) to the given ethical issue are to be identified and students
should discuss how the two professions might interact and collaborate in the given ethical issue in practice.
Students need to present an academic essay (not in the first person) that responds to each of the unit Learning Outcomes:
(answer these questions)
1. Discuss national and international ethical frameworks for health care that influence ethical decision making in practice;
2. Explain the Code of Ethics relevant to different health disciplines, and identify if there are no such Codes and how this may influence decision making and
patient care in scenarios where there is an ethical dilemma.
3. Differentiate between ethical and legal issues in health care in consenting vulnerable patients cohorts
4. Identify social and spiritual factors that influence the health professional values and beliefs in ethical decision making
5. Apply ethical normative frameworks that a health professional may appeal to in defending their position, individually and collaboratively, on moral and ethical
dilemmas encountered practice
This will enable students to structure their essay more succinctly. With regards to this permission to use headings in the essay, please note that the five questions
that are part of the headings are not to be included in your overall word count. The wording for these questions is approx 100 words therefore students should aim
for 2100 words in their word limit in using these questions in their essay ok.
An introduction and conclusion to the essay is still required, as well as a final list of references which needs to be presented in APA citation format.
As the essay word limit is 2000 words, consider evenly spreading your word limit over the five questions, making sure that you respond to each question in the
same amount of depth. The introduction should be between 100-150 words and present a framework for your essay – so indicating to the reader what the main
points are about to be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs or sections. The conclusion is usually approx 100-120 words and presents a summary of the key
points in your essay paragraphs or section. In academic essay writing, there is usually no new information presented in the conclusion or further direct quotes.
Please note that this essay is not to be presented in the first person but using academic language.
Students are expected to undertake self directed literature research as well, and incorporate at least two references for every 10% of academic weighting for the
essay. So as this assessment task is 45% that would be a minimum of 10 references for this essay to be incorporated into the discussion.
OK ‐ So this is a professional interview of a Health Care Professional
My name is Cameron Peak, I am one of the LICs for this subject and with me I have Peta Gale. Peta can you tell me a bit about yourself?
Yeah ‐ Hi Cameron, thanks for inviting me.
You’re welcome.


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