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Complete the chart with your gluten amounts and observations for each treatment/recipe then answer the following questions:How did the physical properties (stickiness, elasticity, appearance) of the kneaded dough change over time? Do you feel maximum gluten formation was achieved? How much kneaded time do you feel would be appropriate?Describe the appearance of the product. Is it stringy or smooth? Solid or porous? How are the three samples different?If you were to propose a forth treatment designed to maximize gluten formation, what techniques and materials would you use? Please explain the science behind your choices.What are some other ingredients  that could be used to replace the structure of gluten ? What chemicals or characteristics do these gluten replacements contribute that make them suitable replacements?See below for instructions on submitting your lab report. Instructions for Lab ReportsWhen you click on the chart link, you will download a copy of the lab report chart for the appropriate assignment. It will open as a ‘read-only’ document which you should Save As a document with the format M#lastname.doc (for example M2Smith.doc). After completing the chart and answering the questions, please submit the file as an attachment Attachments: glutenchart.doc

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