ComprehensiveClassroom Technology Plan (Benchmark Assignment

ComprehensiveClassroom Technology Plan (Benchmark Assignment)Duringthis course, you have created a classroom website that included a multimediapresentation, technology task cards, assessment technology, and blendedlearning.  Using the feedback that youreceived from your instructor, compile your Comprehensive Classroom TechnologyPlan that will include the sections listed below as well as a reflection essay.Theplan is composed of the following components: · SectionOne: Mission and Vision Statements· SectionTwo: Communications Plan· SectionThree: Integrating Instructional Technology· SectionFour:  Differentiating Instructionthrough Technology· SectionFive: Technology to Support Assessment· ReflectionConclusionSection1: Mission and Vision StatementCreateMission and Vision Statements. Section 2: Communications Plan Writea 500-750-word description with rationale for your Communications Plan for yourfirst year of teaching. Include the following:1. Howyou will communicate with all engaged groups in the educational community.2. Howtechnology can be used to communicate in a classroom setting. 3. Howyou will address Internet security and safety.Consider communication andcollaboration with students, parents, the community, and the global community.Items you may consider:1.  A class website 2.  Emergency contact list3.  Alternative methods ofcommunications4.  Critical communications links5.  e-mail6.  VOIP7.  Student websites8.  Partnerships with other schools9.  e-pals10.  OthersSection 3: Integrating InstructionalTechnologyWrite a 500-750-word-descriptionwith rationale of how technology would be used to facilitate and enhanceinstruction in your classroom. Include the following:1.  Explain what the possible pros andcons might be in using technology to facilitate learning. 2.  Discuss the differences betweenwired and wireless classrooms.Section 4:  Differentiating Instruction throughTechnologyWrite a 500-750-word descriptionwith rationale of how technology would be used to differentiate instruction inyour classroom. Consider the following:1.  Explain what the possible pros andcons might be in using technology to differentiate instruction. 2.  Should a teacher only usetechnology to differentiate instruction? Why or why not?3.  What is the impact on studentachievement when technology is used to differentiate instruction?4.  What is the importance ofstudent-centered technology in the classroom?Section5: Technology to Support AssessmentWrite a 500-750-word descriptionwith rationale on how you will utilize software to support assessment in theclassroom. Consider the following:1. Inwhat ways can technology facilitate the ongoing effort to assess studentlearning?2. Whatis the difference between formative assessment and summative assessment, andhow can technology be used to facilitate both?3. Whatare the pros and cons of using technology to assess student learning? 4. Shoulda teacher only use technology to assess student learning? Why or why not?5. Whatis the importance of assessment technology in connection with the ISTEstandards?ReflectionConclusionWrite a 500-750-wordreflection that summarizes how your comprehensive classroom technology plan canincrease productivity and efficiency for both students and teachers. Support yourdescriptions and rationales with evidence

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