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Students will complete a short paper on a specific topic within career development. The paper should include the following sections:· Introduction to the Topic: This section should provide a summary of the topic, including an overview of the issues, arguments, and perspectives related to the topic. (approximately one page, double-spaced)· An Assessment of the Topic: This section should include students’ thoughts and insights regarding the topic (e.g., How is the topic relevant and useful to their career development process in the short-term and long-term?) (approximately two pages, double-spaced)Potential paper topics are listed below:o Dealing with stressStudents will choose to research a topic from the above list that is particularly meaningful to them. Students will email me in Week 3 (by Sunday, 4/23 at 11:59pm) notifying me of their chosen topic. The paper should be between 4-6 double-spaced pages in length (not including the title page and references). Students may use their textbook as a reference, but they also must cite at least three other academic sources.

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