Conduct an accessibility

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Please select a publicly-facing, not-behind-login website. Using manual testing strategies, and automated scanners, please conduct an accessibility scan of this webpage. Important, you only need to scan this one page, you are not required to scan any pages stemming off of it. Provide your feedback in the form below. You are required to find at least 5 accessibility errors and document them. After documentation, please craft an essay about 500 words explaining your process. You may include:

-Page name

-Overall rating (did you think it was accessible overall?)

-A snapshot of common or recurring accessibility flaws

-remediation suggestions for those accessibility flaws

-and any other information that you think should be communicated about this page/experience.

Documentation Form:

Please copy/paste this template for all errors you document


Defect (briefly describe the issue you identified):

Severity (in your opinion, was this error of low, medium, or high relevance?):

Rationale (explain why this is a defect):

Remediation (NOT required: provide any suggestions as to how to fix the issue):


-Suggest selecting a simple website with minimal interactive content or complex structure


WebAIM’s Wave (Links to an external site.)

For automated scans

-Reference back to the Content Accessibility PPT found in Module 1 to assist you in your manual scans (the PPT highlights common accessibility flaws found via manual scanning)


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