Consider a client who is diagnosed with one of the following

Consider a client who is diagnosed with one of the following:AllergiesAnxietyArthritisAsthmaChronic fatigue syndromeChronic gastrointestinal disturbanceUlcersCrohn’s diseaseIrritable bowel syndromeCeliac diseaseDepressionDiabetesFibromyalgiaHypertensionMigraine headachesPain, non-chronicSide effects of radiation and/or chemotherapyUpper respiratory tract infectionsUsing the list below, determine at least two types of practice methods from this week’s reading that will best suit the client in coping with the diagnosis.  Provide a thorough discussion that explains why the two chosen options are the best for the particular diagnosis.  Compare and contrast the two treatment options (how they are different, and how they are the same).  Discuss the type of treatments the patient would receive from a practitioner of one of them. HomeopathyNaturopathyWestern herbalism  Chiropractic medicineMassage therapyReflexology

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