Copy and paste the short essay below (or into a Word documen

Copy and paste the short essay below (or into a Word document to copy and paste later)Edit the text for subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement.Use a different colour to show your edits.Assessment:locates and corrects all errors in agreementdoes not create any new errors  Writing is a way for a person to develop their vocabulary. Finding new ideas and expressing it in writing helps students in their understanding of the richness and variety of the English language. Writing is also a way for a student to improve themselves intellectually.  The most important way writing is valuable are in the pleasure it provides. When a student write, they must examine their thoughts and feelings on a topic which provides new insights into his own character.  Writing is a good way for students to improve his or her critical thinking.  A teacher should encourage writing in their classes. She should assigns topics each week which will challenge students to the utmost of his ability. The class could also used one of their meetings to have students read his essay out loud. In this manner, either the pleasure of writing or the intellectual benefits will exert its influence to make the students avid writers.

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