Counting and Observing at Key Intersections:

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Counting and Observing at Key Intersections:
In this graded assignment, you will go out and observe key street cross-sections and intersections within your own town. This assignment gives you a chance to observe and think about how a variety of people, travel modes, infrastructure, and neighboring land uses interact in the real world. You will not only observe this interaction, but you will also start to become familiar with how “little numbers” translate to real-world conditions:

  • What do 800 cars per hour look like vs. 800 people riding in public transportation?
  • What impact do these differences have on the nature of the urban scene?

You should become familiar with basic ideas like the following:

  • Level of service
  • Saturation flow rate
  • Capacity
  • Speeds
  • Flow
  • Mode share

Think about how you measure and what you measure and what impact this has on the transportation planning process and built outcomes.

Create a presentation using presentation software of your choice (for example, PowerPoint, Google Slides, or OpenOffice) in which you complete the following:

  • Describe where you went in your community to observe key street cross-sections and intersections.
  • What did you observe while you were there? What stood out? How was traffic congestion?
  • How did you measure or assess this scene? What did you conclude? What variables and other factors contributed to your conclusion?
  • What forward-thinking solutions could increase efficiency?

Tip: The basic answers to these questions should appear in the content slides and your explanations/evidence/methodology should appear in the speaker notes section of those slides. Your presentation should have a title page, a conclusion page, and four to sixcontent slides.

When you are finished, upload your document for grading.

Review the rubric to ensure you understand how you will be evaluated on this assignment: Unit 4 Rubric


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