Craft a mission statement for my early childhood development

Craft a mission statement for my early childhood development center You can use the information in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct: Supplement for Early Childhood Adult Educators, write a paper that articulates the personal purpose, vision, and mission statement for a successful early childhood development center.  In your response, include the following components:In this section of your paper will culminate with the completion of the following sentence: “My purpose on earth is to teach and train children how to grow up to become successful educated learners.”Name three traits you had as a child that you still have today.(I’m helpful, I’m fair, & patient)  These traits will help you identify your gifts and strengths.Recall a time in your life when you felt you were doing exactly what you were meant to do.  This is what “living on purpose” feels like.(I felt I was called to teach when I begin teaching Sunday School children at the age of 25)Identify a person who noticed your potential. (My pastor) What did that person see in you? ( He saw the passion and enthusiasm I had for the children to learn)  Others often serve as messengers to help us see what we cannot see in ourselves.Describe a time when you experienced “flow” and did not need to think about what you had to do.  You may have felt that everything came naturally to you (Csikszentmihalyi 1991)Ask three people you trust and who care about you, “When have you seen me at my happiest?  What impact do you believe I can have on the world around me?”What contributions would you most like to make? Some people find it helpful to write the statement/epithet for their gravestone.  Others think about what might be said at their retirement party.A description of your vision.  How will your purpose manifest itself within your early childhood development center?  In what ways do you envision that your early childhood center will improve the lives of the families with whom you interact? An articulation of your mission statement.  In approximately one to three sentences, develop a mission statement that is true to your purpose and vision.  How does your mission measure up to the requirements outlined in the Standards for a Mission given in your text and listed below?Inspires everyone who hears itEmpowers staff to find their own purpose within the greater missionShines steadily like a lighthouse when storms blusterSets a standard for quality performanceReflects our deeper core valuesInforms every decisionRemains timelessYour paper should be three to four pages, plus title and reference pages.  Format your paper according to APA styleORIGINAL WORK Add SupplementBidsInfo RequestsPledge RequestsBidsBids are submitted by likeplum geniuses as requests to answer your question. To select a genius and have them start working on your question, you must pay a downpayment of 50% of your pledge. This downpayment is held securely by likeplum until the answer to your question has been completed and approved by you. If you are not satisfied by the final answer, you can withdraw your question and likeplum will refund your downpayment. likeplum holdings is 100 % secure, as safe as keeping money in your bank.  Learn moreWithdrawnYou have withdrawn your pledge because you answers were unsatisfactory.Ask | Task | Geniuses | Secure | About | Jobs | Terms | Contact likeplum Inc. © 2013    •Chat (3)•

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