Create a Java Program to calculate baggage charges.

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Here are the rules:

A. Two bags per person are free.
B. The Excess Bag Charge is $75 per bag.

Your program needs to do the following:

1. In your main method(),

  1. Create integers to store the number of Passengers and also the total number of bags
  2. Prompt for the number of passengers on a ticket.
  3. Prompt for the total number of bags for all passengers on a ticket.

2. From the main() method:

  1. Pass the number of passengers and the number of bags to a value method named “calculateMyBaggageFees”. This method needs to determine the number of free bags allowed. A bag count over the free count should be multiplied by the Excess Bag Charge.

3. In the method calculateMyBaggageFees:

  1. Using the passed passenger count and bag count, calculate the total excess bag fee and return that amount as a double variable. If the result is negative, return 0.

3. In the main() method, display the cost for baggage. This is only possible if the method calculateMyBaggageFees is a value method.

Example Input/Output

Enter number of passengers on your ticket:2
Enter number of bags for this ticket:5
The cost for baggage will be $75.00

Grading item: Avoid using Magic Numbers


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