Create two (2) different 1 day meal plan

Help me study for my Nutrition class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

  • Develop a high-carbohydrate MEAL to be eaten the day before a sports/exercise event. It should have at least 70% calories from carbs (140 – 330 grams of carbs) and be low in fat and protein.
  • Emphasize complex carbs, such as pasta, grains, veggies, fruits. Include very few foods that are high in fat and protein.
  • Total calories will range from about 800 – 1500.
  • For each food in the menu, list: amount, number of grams of carbs, calories. Format: Food, Amount, Grams Carbs, Calories in columns across page from left to right.

  • Develop a one day menu that contains foods that are good sources of sodium and potassium. Use Table 8.4(Sodium Content of Selected Foods p. 336 (3rd ed,) or p. 297 (4th ed) and Table 8.5 (Potassium Content of Selected Foods p. 338 ((3rd ed); p. 299 (4th ed)
  • Remember especially to include foods that will meet at least the DRI for potassium (4700 mg.) and more than adequate sodium (2300 mg).
  • The daily menu should have about 3000 or more calories for the day.
  • Please list: a. Foods in meals b. Amounts of each food c. the calories, d. milligrams of sodium and e. milligrams of potassium for each food in columns across the page, moving from left to right. Format for menu: Food, Amount, Calories, Mg. Sodium, Mg. Potassium listed in columns across page: right to left. Include totals for the day for: sodium, potassium, calories.
  • To determine % calories from carbs, multiply carb grams x 4 (calories/gram), then divide that amount by total calories; next, multiply by 100 or move the decimal point two places to the right

    The link below contain certain types of food and amount of calories/sodium/potassium etc.
    It is best for you to create an excel sheet and divide each meal into breakfast lunch and dinner. Please let me know if you have any question.


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