Creative Writing Mythology Essay

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The purpose of this project is to assess student understanding of concepts covered over the semester and ability to apply those concepts to an original short story and visual aid.

Upon completion of this activity, students will be able to effectively establish understanding of myth, moral philosophy, research, and critical thinking skills based on concepts discussed over the semester.

The below guidelines must be followed to make a passing grade, but does not determine an A:

• This project is due the week of July 12 and is worth 30% of your overall class grade.

o 20% will be for the written portion which is due on July 12 on Blackboard.

o 10% will be for the visual portion which is due on July 16 to my email

Your story must fit the criteria of the type you chose

o Review the elements for fairy tales, urban legends, myths or hero’s journeys from the Myth PPT.

• This story must serve a purpose, give an explanation or teach a lesson that incorporates you personally developed definition of love, happiness or morality.

o It is not necessary to explicitly state that aspect, but your story’s overall lesson should reflect your definition in some way.

o This is where your critical thinking and creativity come in….

• This story must be at least 2 pages, but no more than 4 pages.

• This story must be logically coherent

o Your story must have a beginning, middle and end or at least a clear progression of events

• This story must reflect a basic comprehension of the course.

• This story must be in MLA format.

o This includes header, headings, spacing, font size and type

o A Works Cited page is not required, nor are in text citations.

• It must not be in first person.

• This story must include a creative and effective title

o Essay 1 or Create a Myth will not work

o Be creative

Here is a list of questions to address, but it is not necessary to answer all of them. Address only what is relevant to your claim:

o How do different cultures view the things you are discussing? Is there something unexplainable that needs to be explained? Is there some fear that needs to be analyzed or rationalized?

o Does your story need characters? Do those characters need to be human? Do they need names? Should those names mean something?

o Is there a hero? Is there a villain? Is one the protagonist? Are one of them telling the story? Does that change how we hero the hero or the villain?

o What lesson do you want to teach? Who is supposed to learn this lesson? Everyone? Specific group?

o Is happily ever after the result? Is this a cautionary tale? Is poetic justice served?

o Is there irony in the story? Is it necessary?

o Does there need to be heavy reliance on plot? Or is character development more important?

o When should it take place and how important is setting? Mood? Tone? Colors?

o Any important themes? Symbols? Are they religious overtones? Are they necessary?

Be advised: this sounds much more difficult that what it really is, and this assignment will only be as difficult as we allow it to be. That said, use the class assignments, readings, discussions and materials to guide you. And above all, think hard!

Visual Component-10% of grade

While the written story will be submitted on July 12, you will have until July 16 to submit your visual component.

This will be emailed directly to Professor Colvin’s email at

The visual component will be your own creative way of telling this story. This can be a video that you create, a cartoon you create, a slide show presentation, a storyboard or some other visual style. So, have fun!


• The length of your visual component must be at least 3 minutes but no more than 5.

o If you chose to do a slideshow presentation, make sure it is set to automatic to play on its own.

▪ These can be done with PowerPoint (which you have for free with Microsoft Office) or Prezi.

o If you chose to do a video, make sure to not go over time

▪ This video can be filmed on your phone or some other way. But make sure it is a file that can be emailed to me directly.

▪ If you go this route, have fun with it. Turn your loved ones into actors. Find costumes around the house.

o While I encourage any type of visual component, a slideshow presentation brings the least pressure….just keep that in mind….

• It must be a visual telling of the story you wrote, which will already be submitted by that point.

Those are the only requirements other than….have fun….this part is not meant to be stressful, but a way for you to be creative and show me what you have learned over the semester….


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