Critical Analysis Of The Case Study

Word limit: 1800

This assignment is based upon the critical analysis of the case study stated below.
Critically analyse the Consulting Team case study. Your assignment should be structured as follows: 

Section 1 (250-300 words): briefly summarise the case study and identify the main dilemma(s).

Section 2 (900-1000 words): choose two topics among those explored in lectures (those that you consider more relevant and helpful to explore the case study) and for each of them explain why and how it helps you to critically explain and analyse the case study, making reference to relevant theories and examples and ensuring you reference accurately using the Harvard Method.

 Section 3 (300-400 words): Identify and evaluate possible recommendations that might resolve the dilemma(s) that you have identified and outline the benefits that might occur as a result of your recommendations. You should also identify possible limitations of your recommendations.

Section 4 (150-200 words): summarise key points of the case, your analysis and recommendations. 

Possible topics for Assignment 2

1. Culture

2. Change and Development

3. Communication and Discourse

4. Conflicts, Power and Politics

5. Justice

In developing your assignment, please consider the following points: 

 There are not right or wrong analysis or recommendation. You should critically reflect on the case study, decide how to best analyse it and develop consistent arguments throughout the assignment. 

 You should provide evidence of independent reading. 

 You should use 11 or 12 font size 

 You should use relevant headings and layout to support your work 

 You should use 1.5 line spacing in your work 

 You should state the word count on the first page 

 You should use the Harvard referencing system 


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