Critical Thinking Assignment Drafting Your Portfolio PaperA

Critical Thinking Assignment: Drafting Your Portfolio PaperAs you compose the draft, follow the specifications in the Portfolio Project Outline. (attached)Your working draft should be very close to the number of pages required for the Portfolio Project, including a title page and a references page.Your draft should cite at least eight credible sources. Your draft must be formatted according to APA Requirements.Note that while this Critical Thinking assignment requires that you cite at LEAST ONE source for each main topic and a minimum of eight sources total, you are not required to include all sources that will be provided with the final version of your Portfolio Project. In other words, you may add more sources to your work prior to the final delivery of the Portfolio Project at the end of Week 8.Note as well that for this Critical Thinking assignment, you will not be graded on the quality and depth of your knowledge and critical thinking as you will on the final draft of the Portfolio Project. Instead, you will be graded on proper completion of your draft per the specifications provided in this assignment description, per the Module 6 CT Rubric provided in the Module 6 folder.

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