Cryptography&nbsp&nbspPlease respond to the followingAnalyze the

Cryptography’  Please respond to the following:Analyze the overall attributes of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography technologies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, and speculate upon the main reasons why organizations utilize both technologies today. Give an example of where you would consider using each of these forms of encryption within an organization to support your response.Give your opinion of whether cryptography should be a part of every email security strategy or if there are specific characteristics of organizations where such measures are not needed. Justify your answer.’Incident Response and Compliances’  Please respond to the following:Determine whether or not you believe that legislation and regulations have had the intended impact on the legal and ethical issues inherent in information security.Discuss the specifics of the incident you researched, and analyze the mitigation and recovery tactics that those impacted utilized. Determine whether or not you would have considered a different course of action than the one taken related to the incident that you researched. Justify your answer.

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