Cultural Anthropology.

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After reading Chapters 1 and 2 from Cultural Anthropology, please complete the following assignment:

1. What contributions can anthropology make to our contemporary society?

2. Many norms and values in the United States are currently under intense debate. One good example of this is the controversy over transgender bathrooms. Some states enacted laws to prevent transgender individuals from using a bathroom that did not match their outward biological gender. Courts have ruled to overturn these laws. Discuss examples of culture change that may occur if this and similar laws are federally legalized in the United States.

After reading Chapter 3 from “Cultural Anthropology” please complete the following assignment:

2) if you are an International student make a list of the aspects of of living in the U.S. that you have found most shocking about life in this country and how have you adapted to them.

*book required.

-Nanda, Serena and Warms, Richard (2020) Cultural Anthropology, 12th Edition, Sage…


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