Culture v Business Report | Draft

I’m trying to learn for my Political Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Consider the following area for comment:

  • Format: Is the draft in proper format with appropriate headings?
  • Sections: Is each section of the report draft in line with your peer’s content? For example, does the Executive Summary or Introduction reflect the appropriate content/information that ought to be in there?
  • Statistics/Data: Does the draft report reflect supportive evidence of some kind? Where might it best serve your peer’s report?
  • Proofread: Is the writing/prose clear or what can we recommend to sharpen the quality and mechanics of the report in progress?

Keep in mind: We’re all writing this report in process; therefore, peer feedback is meant to be helpful, supportive, instructive, and specific. Students who do not provide feedback to their peers will (unfortunately) receive a 2-point deduction on their final Business Report grade. Please be mindful and share your feedback with others.


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