Decide with your classmates what are the ethical dilemmas presented in this episode?

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Part I: Your Ethical Framework

In your opinion.

  • When you are faced with an ethical dilemma, what do you consider in making a decision? Describe your “ethical processes” or “ethical framework” (i.e. what steps you take in making an ethical decision).

Part II: Using the Frameworks to Analyze Ethical Dilemmas

Apply what you know.


    • Stanford, C. C. & Connor, V. J. (2019) 2nd edition. Chapter 1: An Overview of Ethics, p 12-16, In Ethics for health professionals. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

    • Doherty, R.F. & Purtilo, R. (2016). Chapter 4 Ethics Theories and Approaches, p. 72-87 and 95-102 and Chapter 5: A Six-Step Process of Ethical Decision-Making, 106-119, Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions. 6th ed. St. Louis, MS: Elsevier.

The readings provide an overview of two ethical frameworks to use in decision-making in the healthcare setting. Let’s unpack the ethical dilemma(s) presented in the Grey’s Anatomy episode as we respond to the following questions.

The ethical dilemma that you should focus on is the scenario of the pregnant woman and her request to have her tubes tied.

This video can be found in a number of areas including Hulu and ABC.go. The links below share a summary and transcripts of the episode.

I’ll guide us through. We will discuss the questions as a group, starting with the first question:

  1. Decide with your classmates what are the ethical dilemmas presented in this episode?
  2. Discuss who are the stakeholders in this episode? Remember to consider individuals, families, communities, and organizations in your answer.
  3. Come to a consensus on what your recommendations would be for handling the situation? Consider and include each component below in your response:
    • Ethical principles
    • Ethical theories
    • PYTHON principle
    • Six step process (Doherty & Purtilo) for ethical decision-making
  4. How might your recommendations change the outcome presented in this episode?

Please be sure to cite your work.


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