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1) Watch the Discussion Board video which will present a controversial issue related to Module 13. This video is mandatory viewing.

video link :…

2) After viewing the video above, locate two original and current (published within the past ten years) journal articles, one that supports the argument that more civic.engagement is beneficial for older adults and another that argues that it is not. Your initial post should include three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose supports the pro-civic engagement argument. In the second paragraph, briefly describe how the article you chose suggests that civic engagement among older adults is not necessarily better than non-engagement. In the third paragraph, briefly describe and defend your position on the issue (i.e., on what do you base your position on the controversial issue?). Please note that you must include appropriate APA in-text citations within your first and second paragraphs, and you also must include a complete APA-style reference for each journal article. For more information about APA style and for an example of an initial post that would receive full credit, please refer to the Getting Started module.


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