Describe an area in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well.

Describe an area in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well.

D-1 5. Describe an area in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well. This might be an occupation, an activity or hobby, a role you play (mother, friend, husband, mentor, etc.), and so on. Explain what this is, and what the “telos” of this kind of thing is; in other words, what is the purpose of this area of life, and would it mean to flourish and do well in it? Are there things people pursue in this area that are not part of the true telos? Finally, what are the virtues that one must have in order to flourish and do well in this area of life? What are some vices that get in the way? Your answers to these questions should include evidence from this week’s readings and media.

The role I play is as a care giver, I play this role as a mother, daughter and a nurse. Courage, patience, and honesty are certain virtues that are needed to fill this role that I play. Aristotle said that courage is “The man, then, who faces and who fears the right things and from the right motive, in the right way and at the right time, and who feels confidence under the corresponding conditions is brave.” (Day, Lisa 2007). This means that a brave or courageous person is someone who can show the right amount of fear and with confidence to overcome it, and respond appropriately. As a mother there is fear with raising your children. This fear may not be about some physical threat to you or your kids but of how you are raising them. Are you teaching them the proper manners, how to treat people, basically how to live a happy life or as Aristotle would say, Eudaimonia. The same goes for being a daughter, I ask myself if I am living an honest life with the courage to do what needs to be done for my family to flourish. As a nurse, and caregiver, I have to courageous enough to stand up to and for my patients. Through all of these roles I show patience and honesty as well as courage, to reach my “telos”, or the end which produces my happiness. These virtues are developed within a person and Aristotle takes for granted that human action is directed toward the good and that achievement of the good results in happiness. (Day, Lisa 2007).

These same virtues can sometimes be faults. Sometimes compassion might lead you to tell a lie to prevent hurting someone’s feelings, or courage can enable someone to do far more wicked things then they would have been able to if they were timid. Sometimes being honest, generous, courageous, and compassionate may not make you a morally good person, or morally good people may be led to act wrongly. (Hursthouse and Pettigrove 2016). Aristotle believes that the good of a human beign nust have something to do with being human; and what sets human beings from other species, giving us the potential to live better life, is our capacity to guide ourselves by using reason. (Kraut, 2017).


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