Describe briefly how you will manage these two symptoms in the acute setting.

Describe briefly how you will manage these two symptoms in the acute setting.

1. Sandra has been diagnosed with schizophrenia; view the video and indentify and briefly describe two (2) positive symptoms of this disorder that

Sandra is presenting in the interview.

2. Describe briefly how you will manage these two symptoms in the acute setting.

Please put your information under each question.

A minimum of four (4) academic references and two (2) websites are required for this assessment.


APA referencing is required.

Sandra P. is a 45 year-old single female who was brought in by police to the Emergency Department for psychiatric assessment and medical treatment.

She was arrested in a Cronulla plaza by a local police patrol unit and detained for alleged damage to private property, witnessed aggressive

behaviour, resisting arrest and assault. The attending police team stated that Sandra had displayed psychotic behaviour. The patient was witnessed

talking to herself, displaying wild mood swings and hallucinating. An alcohol breath test was performed at Cronulla Police Station at 4:17 am which

resulted in a normal reading. All vital signs at E.D. admission were normal (blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing, oxygen saturation). Sandra has a

small cut on her right foot due to stepping on broken glass.

Sandra appears distracted and rather agitated. Since presenting to the emergency department, she has at times been nonresponsive to prompting by the

E.D. staff. The patient appears to be hearing voices and has been talking out aloud to herself. Her appearance is unkempt with ill-fitting attire.

Her behaviour is disinhibited and she is ignoring personal space boundaries. Her mood is labile and at times volatile. Sandra stated that she had

been “on fire” for a week and had to get out of the house to dance and let her hair down. Her family, who are away for the public holiday long

weekend, have been contacted.

Past Medical History
• Tonsillectomy age 7
• Appendectomy age 12
• Broken Left arm incurred in a car accident of age 18
• Miscarriage at 10 weeks age 32

Past Psychiatric History
• Chronic schizophrenia – 22 year history. The patient is known to the local community mental health team
• Monthly antipsychotic injection and daily medication (Next injection is due in 11 days time)
• Recurrent bronchitis due to heavy smoking
• Periodic psychiatric inpatient treatment (An inpatient admission has been approximately every 3-5 years with a 7-10 day stay)
• Her medication was updated to the new generation anti psychotics. This required regular blood test which Sandra resisted and seemed to upset

her. She also gained weight and this upset her. She was reluctant to maintain the activities program that was worked out for her.

Social History
• Sandra grew up in Wagga Wagga, NSW. She is the youngest of 4 children (two brothers and a sister). Her parents are both aged in their

eighties and still live in Wagga Wagga. Sandra completed high school and achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree locally then moved to Sydney for work

opportunities. She was first diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 23 while employed as an administrations officer for a local municipal

council. She continued with full time employment over a fourteen-year period. Due to her illness in recent years, she has only been able to maintain

related casual work. Sandra has not had any employment in twelve months. After years of inner-city rental house sharing, she moved in with her


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