Describe Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice

Group Presentation

Students will be randomly assigned to groups of three. Students will work together in their groups to collaborate and create a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover narrative. Instructions for recording voiceover narrative are located in BB Week 3.

The group presentation is 50 points. Presentations will be submitted to two locations by Sunday of the third week, 11:59 pm PST for full credit:

1) To the review of group presentations discussion board

2)To the group presentation assignment link

A group blog platform will be provided within BB to work on the presentation collaboratively.  The group blog platform can be accessed in BB Week 3. Additional research beyond the website will be needed to develop a complete presentation. Students need to email the instructor with the selected CDC campaign by Sunday of the first week.

Each group will use the CDC Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice ( website to identify a unique (e.g. no groups will present on the same program or campaign) CDC campaign and then develop a group presentation that categorizes the health promotion methods used/directed/created for individual, group, organizational, community, and societal audience levels.

For this presentation, students will Identify each of the five levels of health promotion methods that the campaign used/directed/created for individual, group, organizational, community, and societal audiences.  For example, a public service announcement is a method used to reach a specific community audience by a local agency or in a larger context to influence societal audiences. Use your text as a reference for specific methods as well as the extensive list of chapters containing methods associated with each of the required audiences. A list of chapters associated with methods specific to audience levels as well as a review of a CDC health communication campaign and applied methods is accessible in BB Week 3.

Students will:

· Describe the campaign. When did the campaign run or begin running? What are some key messages the campaign communicates? Provide and describe at least two evaluative statistics (e.g. demonstrating success rates) relative to the health outcomes in connection with the campaign.

· Provide one health promotion method example for each audience type (Individual, group, etc..). Remember, some of the same methods can be used for different audience levels. For instance, posters can be used for individual audiences and group audiences. It depends on messaging and goals of implementation.

· Describe each health promotion method as if the instructor and your colleagues have no prior knowledge. Think 5w’s (Who, what, why, when and how).

· What is the method? Describe in detail.

· Provide an example of the method

· Why should the method be used for the selected audience? For example, why are newsletters used for organizational level audiences?

· What platform does the method appear to be disseminated across? (print, radio, t.v., etc…)? Explain.

1. How is the method connected to the campaign?

1. What was the goal and/or key messaging the method utilized?

· Communicate clearly (i.e. no jargon, idioms, conversational language) using professional formatting, citations, and presentation style.

The presentation should be about 15-20 minutes long. You will receive a group grade for the content and each student will complete an assessment rating self and peer efforts on the group assignment. Presentation responsibilities should be shared equitably between group members.

Students will be provided a blog platform within BB to work on the group presentation collaboratively. This is not required, but highly suggested. The blog group assignment platform can be accessed in BB Week 3. This platform is not graded, but is available to all group members to encourage interaction, collaboration and sharing of ideas and information relative the assignment.

The assignment rubric can be viewed in BB Week 3. Please review the grading rubric prior to creating the presentation!

REMINDER: The presentation must be submitted to the group presentation assignment link and the review of group presentations discussion board link by the due date


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