Describe reforms of religious belief to be revolution

Describe reforms of religious belief to be revolution

The following statement just a reply too pls The best way to describe the reforms of a religious belief to be a “revolution” in society is that, people were having a normal life as a society and still at home have a religious belief too. Every religion is going to have a center or a focus (i.e. God) and trying having a political job at the same time would not mix. For example, for generations in America we have writing many things (money, laws, and values etc.) in the name in God to be a well civil society. Also, the sixteenth century was a period of extreme religious and social change across the globe. It was a time to establish peace and change to the revolution because they have already lost too much as is to “the people engulfed in this war experienced major change: they were exhausted by the religious wars, starved by poor harvests, and divided by identities and financial opportunities”. And lastly, the Christian Reformations and the long-lasting impact those reforms had in social, political, and economic terms. We can always look back and learn something and try not to make the same mistake.


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