Describe self-improvement through Quality and risk management.

Running head: Self-Improvement 2

Self-Improvement 2

Self-Improvement Project Update

Tamara Giebler

National American University

Quality and Risk Management

Ruth Vivian Derby

December 25, 2018

Comparing my data and seeing how it relates to my expectations from the beginning of the class. We have developed a tool to record all expenditures for a week, using checking, cash receipts, credit card statements. For week one to week four was two to four, I thought that I would have had my record keeping better by now, but if I keep working at it, it will get better week by week until it is where we need it to be.

We have reduced our nonessential indulgences such as beer, wine, cigarettes, expensive coffee or latte purchasing to less than three times each week. For week one to week four was four to four. This was easy for I do not smoke, only drink on occasion, and only purchase expensive coffee rarely. My husband does chew tobacco but is not a heavy chewer. Just drinks on occasion and only purchases expensive coffee rarely.

I have been out less than three times this week. For week one to week four was five to five. This was right on track for we prefer to eat at home when my husband is home since he is an over the road truck driver, he likes to have home-cooked meals.

When shopping for groceries, I consistently use a list and stay with what is on it. For week one to week four was four to three. This one was basically on track for we use an app called note for many years now. For the most part, we go by our list. But with Thanksgiving and Christmas, we went off our list a few times. But with the holidays over now it’s time to get back to the list.

When shopping for groceries, we consistently compare prices and purchase the less expensive brands. For week one to week four was three to four. We have always compared prices, and we do use the lower prices for the most part. But some food items do not taste the same for the lesser name brands.

Before purchasing anything impulsively, we have thought it over for at least twenty-four hours before purchasing. For week one to week four was three to three. This will get better since the holidays are over. Before the holidays, for the most part, we did not purchase impulsively. With the holidays over, we will not buy impulsively.

Before purchasing anything impulsively, I put the cost into perspective by taking the amount of the item cost and divide into my hourly wage. For week one to week four was two to three. We do not expect this to get better until after the holidays. With the holidays over, we will get back to where we need to be and not buy anything impulsively.

When shopping for gas, I consistently compare prices and choose the lowest cost. For week one to week four was five to five. We do not have any issues with comparing gas prices, for we use a gas buddy, which is an app on our phones. We also get gas on Mondays when it is $.10 off at Rickers gas.

I have researched and consistently use coupons and rebates when making purchases. For week one to week four was one to two. We do not expect this one to get better for a while. For, this one is tough for us to accomplish, for we work full-time, I’m in school full-time, and were in the process of becoming foster parents to get my grandson out of foster care in Pennsylvania. After we have him for six months, in the Indiana foster care system, we will be able to adopt him. Then we might be able to look up coupons and rebates when making purchases.

I have managed to engage my family and saving. For week one to week four was two to three. I did not expect to get my husband involved until after the holidays. But now with the holidays over, we will be able to start saving as a family.

I have managed to deposit money into my savings account this week. For week one to week four was five to five. We did not expect this to change, for we already put $75 a week in our savings account, it is directly put in our savings account from my husband paycheck weekly.

We expected to be doing better by now, but I think it’s just going to take time for us to get into a routine, but with the holidays over we will get better. By updating the run chart weekly has helped me realize where we need the most help. We don’t normally impulsively buy except during the holidays. I do start most of my Christmas shopping during the summertime, by watching Clarence items. We did limit what we purchased for our grandchildren this year. We have eliminated some of the snacks that we use to buy for our house. We have always purchased our gas on Mondays for we get it $.10 cheaper than other days. We realize that we still need quite a bit of help with our finances, but we will get this as we work together as a team.


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