Describe the concept and branches of clinical supervision.

 Application: Clinical Supervision Topic Paper
For this Assignment, you complete additional reading on a clinical supervision topic or area of interest and write a paper about the clinical supervision topic you selected.
To prepare
Select a specific topic or area of interest related to clinical supervision. When choosing a topic, avoid broad topic areas (e.g., multicultural issues in supervision, legal issues in supervision, models of supervision). Instead, select a narrow (specific) topic that will allow for in-depth study of a particular supervision issue. Examples of narrow topic areas include:
Rationale for a “competency-based approach” to clinical supervision
Dual relationship issues in clinical supervision
Malpractice issues in clinical supervision in school settings
Gender issues in clinical supervision
Effective methods and interventions for live supervision
The clinical supervisor’s role in dealing with issues of supervisee “impairment”
Clinical supervision using online medium
Seek out scholarly articles and complete additional reading on the topic you selected.
Write a position paper about the topic.
The paper will be evaluated on the extent to which it:
Defines the topic of interest
Explains associated problem(s) and/or issue(s)
Addresses the relevance to the field of clinical supervision
Summarizes previous research and/or contemporary thinking in the field
Identifies any gaps or contradictions in the literature
Recommends next steps for research, training, and/or policy
Follows APA format, with clarity and organization
Assignment (8–10 pages):
Submit a paper in which you analyze issues related to a specific clinical supervision topic or area of interest. The paper should be approximately 8–10 pages in length (typed and double spaced), in APA format, and should be of publishable quality. 


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