Describe the purpose/introduction, method, results, discussion and conclusion of a scientific investigation.

Describe the purpose/introduction, method, results, discussion and conclusion of a scientific investigation.


Annotation Assignment
This assignment is about reading professional journals in your field and becoming familiar with the scientific method and the tone of professional writing.

Articles published in professional journals go through a process in which knowledgeable people critique it and make suggestions (peer review). Try to select research

that relates to your major, your option, or your interests. Articles must be current (after 2005).
Our Oviatt library has a wide selection of databases and journals paid, in part, by your student fees. I encourage you to learn to use computer databases to

select topics of interest and find various journals. Articles may be retrieved from the internet but must be cited as such. Choose an article where the author(s)

describes the purpose/introduction, method, results, discussion and conclusion of a scientific investigation.

You may choose any subject that relates to lifespan development.
Make sure you are reading an actual article, not a summary or abstract of that article. Caution: book reviews, editorials, health newsletters & website summaries are

not actual research articles. These usually do not have statistical analysis or references.
A few examples of professional journals are:

Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences Clothing & Textiles Research Journal
Human Development Child Development
Psychology and Aging Family Relations
Journal of Family Issues Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Clothing & Textiles Research Journal Nutrition & Dietetic Journal
Journal of Black Psychology Journal of Interior Design
Journal of Social Psychology Developmental Psychology
Journal of Marriage and the Family (JMF) Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity & the Arts Journal of Fashion Marketing & MgmtJournal of the American Dietetic Association (JADA)
Pediatrics Social Behavior & Personality
Journal of Consumer Marketing Journal of Family & Economic Issues
Journal of Retailing Journal of Consumer Affairs
The Gerontologist There are literally thousands…

Note: It might help you to skim through one of these journals until you come upon an article that is of interest to you.

Assignment Format (50 points)
For APA Style= refer to:
Page 1:
Title Page (see sample included with APA Guidelines on moodle)
Page 2 to 4:
In your own words, briefly summarize each section of the article. You want to provide the most salient information, as simply as possible in each section. In

some instances you might choose to cite part of the original text. In this case you MUST put quotation marks around the citation, followed by the author’s last name,

year, page #. in parentheses. Use these headings to summarize and organize each section: (headings are capitalized)
This is the rationale for the investigation and the purpose of the study. The introduction also reviews relevant research.

This includes a description of the participants, instruments, and procedures used.

This addresses the significant findings of the study.

This is the summary of the authors findings and suggestions for future research.
In a second paragraph include YOUR ideas for future research and directions as well; clearly indicating it as your opinion.

Last page:
Cite the article you read using correct APA formatting (see APA Guidelines on moodle). Don’t forget to include retrieval information if found read on the


• a copy of the first page or whatever page has the journal name, authors, abstract, etc/
• a copy of one page the has some of the articles references
I will need these in order to grade your Reference Page (& points will be deducted)
Grading Criteria: +relevance of article to course
+quality & currency of article
+headings used
+information summarized clearly and concisely
+APA format, quality of writing
+copy of first and last page of article


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