Describe your reflective journal.



Week 1

In the week we discussed the topic of extraprofessional collaboration. From the discussion I had with my trainer, we were able to define extraprofessional collaboration. I was able to learn the various strategies which can be applied in order to be able to strengthen collaborative practice among the medical care practitioners, particularly the ones who work with rehab centers, the reason for coming together is due to the fact that effective collaborative practice is important for any healthcare organization that wishes to achieve its goals. We were also able to discuss the impact of interprofessional collaboration on the provision of healthcare services.

Week 2

This week marked the end of the discussion regarding professional collaboration. We spent a good amount of time discussing the various ways through which we could improve the outcome of geriatric patients. With the help of the trainer, we were able to analyze various strategies which can be put in place to ensure that the geriatric patients are able to recover within the shortest time possible (Lewitzka, 2018).

Week 3

This week marks the closing of the geriatric patient outcome improvement, and we are introduced to technology and its use in healthcare facilities. We were able to discuss how various techniques could be integrated into healthcare facilities, particularly the rehab centers to ensure that all the activities of the facility are well coordinated, and the patient expectations are met. Also, we also learnt that technology offers empirical evidence which supports potential changes in nursing which can be applied in teaching new techniques which are capable of bringing a remarkable contribution to the provision of improved medical care for geriatric patients.

Week 4

In this week, we had a discussion with my unit manager. We discussed the standards or norms for performing various actions within a healthcare facility, specifically rehab centers. In healthcare, ethical consideration simply entails all that is expected from the healthcare providers. In particular, we were able to discuss various norms which should be maintained when handling geriatric patients. We were also able to discuss various ways through which such norms could be improved within healthcare facilities particularly the rehab centers.

Week 5

During this week I met my unit trainer, and we were able to discuss the most common health concerns, which usually affect a given society or a group of individual who are in the same environment. An example of population health concerns is alcohol-related harm. The main healthcare concern which we discussed is the illnesses which are likely to affect geriatric patients (Moghaddam, 2015).

Week 6

During the sixth week, a study on health policy was very positive; we were able to learn various health policies. We were also able to see that health policies mainly entail the decisions, plans as well as the actions, which are carried out with the goal of achieving specific health care objectives within a society. Health policy should be able to define the vision for the future and this helps in determination of the points and targets of reference.

In the course of the week, I met my mentor, and we were able to discuss various health policies, their impact on the delivery of healthcare services and also some of their benefits of such policies. In addition, our discussion also entailed various strategies which can ensure that the health policies do not interfere with provision of healthcare services to geriatric patients.

Week 7

This week marks the closing weeks, which we learned about evidence-based practice. A satisfactory duration of time was spent on educational strategies on various technologies which aid in the provision of improved healthcare services to geriatric patients. Health information technology provides tools which might be required by the patients to manage their health conditions based on the guidance which is provided by the primary care team.

Week 8

In this week we were able to learn the various ways through which technology has helped in improving the healthcare sector, specifically by improving the outcomes of the patients. We were also able to see the roles played by technology to ensure that health care services are provided in an effective manner (Lamoth, 2018).

Week 11

The first three days of this week were spent carrying out research on the topic of evidence-based practice for geriatric patients. We were able to learn more about the conscientious and judicious utilization of existing best evidence in concomitance with clinical expertise as well as patient values to oversee decisions regarding delivery of health care services; this is highly applicable for the geriatric patients (Morgan, 2017). From this week we also able to learn that the doubling of the geriatric population over the next ten to twenty years is likely to challenge the current health care system.

Week 12

During this week I was able to establish a good relationship with my trainer who was my role model, by doing so I was able to gather various skills pe tortaining care for geriatric patients, this is because it most case I will be working in a rehab center and am likely to meet geriatric patients most of the times and hence it is essential for me to have knowledge on how to handle this group of patients. We were also able to discuss various technologies which can be integrated in the medical care for geriatric patients in order to ensure that they receive the best medical care services from the rehab center. This was the last week and we were able to discuss all the topics which we had learnt all through the duration which we had been learning about geriatric patients. We were also able to discuss my future development of professional goals because this is one of the professions which require planning as well as support from various sources.



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