Design a Fitness Field Day event .For the Birth to Age 5/P

Design a ‘Fitness Field Day’ event .For the Birth to Age 5/Pre-K level,  it should be 30 minutes in length; for the K to Age 8/Grade 3 level, it should be 1 hour. Include three to five fitness activities that are appropriate for each age level, aligned to fitness standardsfor early childhood that can be completed in the allotted time. Create a flyer that will inform parents of the event that has been planned. Be sure to address time, place, and all other pertinent facts parents will need to know if they are able to attend the event. Upon completion of the event, have a discussion with your mentor teachers and write a synopsis of 500 words in which you describe the activities with standards alignment, parental involvement and feedback, your observations regarding the children’s participation, and a reflection on improvements you might make in the activities based on feedback. Attach your flyer.

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