Design a relational database system that shows transactionsb

Design a relational database system that shows transactionsbetween ACCT administration, staff, faculty, HR, financial aid, books store,library and students’ services. The database must contain the following inorder to satisfy the framework of this project. 1.  Theremust be one actor in the database to maintain administration’s information2.  Theremust be one actor in the database to maintain staff’s information Theremust be one actor in the database to maintain faculty’s information  Studentsactor will contain  studentsinformationOneactor to host the library contentsOneactor to hold the book store contentsOneactor for HR departmentOnemore actor to maintain financial aid department information   Createa relationship that illustrates the transactions between the actors asfollows:a)   Faculty course assignments transactions betweenadministration and faculty b)  Stafffunctional transactions between administration and staffc)  Studentscourse registration system will consist of the following:I. A main process to Handle all the StudentRegistration transactionsII. Some sub processes to receive and transformStudents, Administration, faculty, books supply, and financial aid informationactivities during and after registration. III. There will also be data stores to decouple theprocesses so that receiving processes do not have to respond immediately duringdata transferIV. The System will contain source and sink to inputand output data. d)  Theoverall system should interrelate for the proper flow of information within ACCTAcademic System10.  Twoforms11.  Tworeports12.  Onequery which relates to all your tables, forms and reoportsHints:It is important that you use context blockdiagram to interlink these actors and use a. FunctionalDescription:  b. ProcessDescription: Data FlowDiagram (DFDs):DataDictionary

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