Design a research study.&nbspYour written assignment should be

Design a research study. Your written assignment should be 4 pages in length (excluding header/cover page) and should be in 12-point font, double-spaced, with normal margins.  Please use APA formatting as that is what is used in the Health Services Management program. You will not count your cover page (no picture, etc. on the cover page please) nor your separate reference page as one of the 4 pages of your paper. Your submission must include the following:Clearly identify your research question.1 clearly stated sentence10 points2State your hypothesis.1 paragraph3Describe the rationale for your study, including the identified knowledge gap.Note: A very focused literature review will help provide the support for the need for your study.1 1/2 pages4Describe your research design, clearly identifying it as qualitative or quantitative. Be sure to include your rationale and support for selecting this study design.1 1/2 pages5Identify the area of health services (Effectiveness of care, Access to care, Quality of care, etc.) that would be impacted by the outcomes of this research and explain the nature of the anticipated impact.1/2 page

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