Develop a PICO question and acquire the best available evidence .

Develop a PICO question and acquire the best available evidence .



Nto choose one among three SCENARIOAssessment Task 3: PICO Assignment Description: Develop a PICO question and acquire the best available evidence (800 words) For tessay you will be required to use the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome) model as a framework to address a specific health issue relevant to your discipline. Develop your PICO question based on ONE of the following scenarios: Scenario 1 Joel, a 28 year old primary school teacher, is a keen runner and has fallen and injured right knee, tearing medial meniscus. After visiting an orthopedic specialist, he is informed that an arthroscopy of affected knee is the best option. Given Joel is keen to resume training, he books into to have the surgery as a day procedure under general anesthesia the following week. Joel currently takes several complementary medicines (e.g. ginseng, valerian & gingko biloba) and has done so for 18 months, on the advice of a naturopath. He is unsure whether or not use of complementary medicines may increase risks associated with surgery and or anesthesia. Scenario 2 Susan, a 22 year old art student, visited her GP clinic with symptoms of urinary frequency, dysuria, lower flank pain and shivering. Her doctor performed several examinations, including a routine urinalysis and concluded that a urinary infection was the most likely cause of her symptoms. Susan provided a mid-stream urine (MSU) test for her GP and was prescribed a course of oral antibiotics. Susan has suffered a previous urinary infection several months ago, and after taking the prescribed antibiotics developed thrush. While resting at home that evening, Susan reads on the internet about cranberry juice being used to treat urinary tract infections and is now considering whether or not to discontinue her antibiotics, as she does not want to develop thrush again. Scenario 3 Jenny is a newly-qualified health care professional who has cared for people with depression in a variety of different health care settings. Jenny understands that interventions for depression may include medical interventions, psychological interventions, and complementary and lifestyle interventions. Jenny is currently working in an acute geriatric medical ward and has noticed that a lot of patients are being treated for depression. Jenny is an accomplished guitarist and singer and would like to introduce music therapy to her ward. However, before submitting her proposal to the unit manager Jenny would like to investigate whether music therapy would be more effective than antidepressant medications for her patients. Instructions: Ttask should be submitted as a scholarly paperWritten AssignmentDevelop a PICO question and acquire the best available evidence. (800 words) Description: For tassignment you will be required to use the PICO (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome) model as a framework to develop a question that can be answered by using the skills for inquiry. You will develop your PICO question based on a scenario, which I have posted upInstructions: : From the scenarios provided, choose one as a basis for your inquiry. Read the scenario carefully and identify an issue that you would like to explore in more detail. Using the PICO principles formulate an answerable question to address the issue identified in step two. Describe the process you used for developing the PICO question, paying particular attention to identifying each PICO element and the choice of key words Search for evidence to answer the PICO question developed in step two. Describe the search process and strategy you used to find tevidence List 7 pieces of evidence you have secured via the search strategy described in step 5 using Areferencing. Justify why they are the best sources of evidence to address your PICO question.800 words Tassignment is the first part of a two part process to assess your understanding of Evidence-Based Practice principles. By undertaking tassessment task you will demonstrate your capacity to develop a PICO question and use it to search for evidence related to an observed professional issue. The information gathered in tassessment task will be used in Assessment Task 3. Assessment criteria: Tactivity requistudents to demonstrate an appreciation for the principles of developing an answerable question and an understanding of how to gather evidence to answer the question.1. Required Text(s) Richardson-Tench, M., Taylor, B., Kermode, S., & Roberts, k. (2014). Research in Nursing; evidence for best practice. (5th ed). South Melbourne: Cengage Learning.Further references Alfaro-LeFevre, R. (2013). Critical thinking, clinical reasoning and clinical judgment: A practical approach (5thed.). St. Louis, MO.: Elsevier/Saunders. 44 Borbasi, S., & Jackson, D. (Eds.). (2012). Navigating the maze of research: enhancing nursing and midwifery practice. (3rd ed.). Sydney: Mosby Elsevier.


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