Develop a short questionnaire of 5 to 10 questions and distr

Develop a short questionnaire of 5 to 10 questions and distribute it to at least ten people.Use at least two different types of questions in the survey.Analyze the responses and comment on the validity and reliability of your questionnaire.Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word posting (use the outline of 5 topics below) in which you describe your results from this short study.Consider who your sample will be and make the topic one that they can respond to.  For example, if you are using your UOP classmates and online business associates as the sample, then they would not be able to answer questions about the city government in your town since they would not have access to this information. Use the  following format and have a heading for each of these headings in bold type:1.  Analyze the responses to the questionnaire. For each question that you asked, you should compile the answers that were provided and evaluate the answers for that  question.  Report the results for each question.  Do this for all the questions.2.  Comment on the validity and reliability of your questionnaire.3.  Discuss what you would do differently on this questionnaire to improve it. You might even want to ask your respondents this question and see what hints that they provide.4. Include the questionnaire.  Remember that you need to have two different question types just to give you some experience in using different types.  (Example:  open ended questions,  Likert scale,  yes/no questions,  ranking, rating, etc.)5.  Discuss your sample characteristics. Be sure to include the exact number of your sample.  Describe the demographics (example: age, occupation, geographical location, etc.)  Remember that at least 10 responses are required.Again, use headers (in bold)  to separate the 5 areas (see above) of your response to that I can identify what information you write pertains to which area of the assignment.Remember: You do need to have at least 10 responses back  to your survey so you will probably want to have your survey on a general topic that can be administered to both your classmates and to your family,  friends,  or work associates so that you can gather the required 10 responses in the time allocated.MAJOR HINT: It can be helpful to ask your respondents to tell you what could be done to the survey to make it better.  This gives you valuable feedback.

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