develop an information powerpoint that identifies an agency or directorate of the dhs 1

Prepare a PowerPoint briefing of the student’s Unit 3 and Unit 4 papers.
The briefing shall include the following:

A title slide
An agency description slide to include statutory missions, jurisdiction, and roles and responsibilities
Supporting background information slide
A program discussion slide to include mission, goals, objectives, and metrics (from the student’s Unit 3 Individual Project)
Justification for reprioritization
Recommendations to the working group

This PowerPoint presentation should be at least ten slides in length and include speaker notes and additional backup information slides as deemed necessary by the student.

Below you can find my Unit # indiv project. All that is needed to do is a 10 slide powerpoint from the work below while answering the questions above

Agency or Directorate of the DHS
The Agency or Directorate
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an agency of the DHS created in 2003 when the former U.S. Customs Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service merged. The ICE currently has over 20,000 law enforcement and support with offices nationally and globally. The ICE was granted civil and criminal power to protect the public by enforcing federal laws that govern customs, border control, trade and immigration.
The Agency or Directorate’s Legal Missions
ICE has the mission of protecting America from illegal immigration and cross-border crime which is a threat to public safety and national security. The ICE executes its mission buy enforcing over 400 federal statutes by focusing on preventing terrorism enforcing immigration laws, and combating illegal movement of goods and people in the United States.
The Top 5 Missions, Goals, Objectives, and Metrics

ICE secure the United States borders and safeguards the country’s immigration system. Immigration enforcement is a principal responsibility of the ICE and is crucial for the safety and security of the United States. ICE’s immigration enforcement duties are fulfilled by the Enforcement and Removal Operations, which is an operational directorate of the agency. While ICE fulfils its immigration enforcement mission in the country’s border, a significant part of its operations are fulfilled in the interior.

Tackling Transnational Crime

ICE is among the country’s premier federal law agencies and hence fulfils the role of detecting and combating transnational crime which target Americans and threaten the country’s systems. Through the Homeland Security Investigations, another directorate of the agency, the ICE is able to combat criminal activity.

The ICE has a workforce of over 20,000 officers and is at the forefront of the country’s efforts to increase border security and prevent the illegal movement of various elements into, out, and within the United States. ICE undertakes investigative efforts that integrate with the country’s efforts to address terrorism both nationally and globally.

Upholding National Security and Safety

HSI and ERO are part of essential national and international Joint Terrorism Task Forces which target terrorism and are focused on investigation, prosecution, and elimination of human rights violations which compromise the capacity of the United States to be considered a safe haven.

ERO partners with other law enforcement agencies and have a shared responsibility that guarantee the safety of communities.
Analysis of How These Mission Areas Address the Threats or Challenges Indicated In the Plan
The role of the ICE through its directorates is to fulfil various roles in conjunction with various law enforcement agencies in the United States and internationally. The ICE, although a controversial organization, has addressed the threats to the United States safety and security by upholding immigration law, combating terrorism, and preventing the illegal movement of goods and people within, into, and out of the United States. With over 20,000 personnel, the ICE has partnered with national and international agencies to fulfil the aspects of its mission.
Recommend Agency or Directorate Program Priorities among the Current Set of Goals, Objectives, and Metrics.
The ICE’s directorates include HIS, ERO, and Office of the Principal Legal Advisor which advance the agency’s mission. However, some improvements can be made to the directorates to improve the contribution to the ICE’s mission. For instance, the ICE’s approval has diminished in the recent past due to the crackdown on illegal immigration. The ICE needs to incorporate measures for coordinating the administrative and managerial aspects of the agency, which helping improve the future of the agency.
ICE. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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