Develop reasoned decisions for addressing the case study dil

Develop reasoned decisions for addressing the case study dilemmas.Base your decisions on the Utilitarianism Theory Post a one-paragraph summary of your decision for each of the cases(two paragraphs total). The summary should include a theoreticaljustification for your decision.  Case 1Ann Smith is a social psychologist who wants to study attitudechange. She submits a proposal to her institution outlining details of astudy that will examine the attitude change of participants following aworkshop on environmental issues. Smith plans to identify attitudechange by administering a pretest and a posttest. She is worried,however, that the participants will recognize that she is looking forchanges in their attitudes and that this knowledge will influence theiranswers on the posttest. To address this problem, she plans to disguisethe issues she is most interested in; when she administers the tests,she will give a very broad explanation that does not fully disclose thenature of the study. Her proposal includes these procedures and anexplanation of why she believes they are necessary; she also includes aplan to ‘debrief’ the subjects (tell them the real purpose of the study)after they finish taking the second test.Case 3In a research proposal modeling a familiar experimental manipulationto study people’s altruistic, or ‘helping,’ behavior, Ann Smith plans toplace one subject in a room with several experimental confederates. Shewill assign the group a task, supposedly the purpose of the experiment,then arrange for an ’emergency’ to occur in the vicinity of thelaboratory — the group will hear a loud thud from an adjacent room andthen a piercing cry for help. She will instruct confederates to look upupon hearing the cry, then return to their task. In a pilot test of thisprocedure, the single subject looked around uncomfortably, thenreturned to the assigned task, as the confederates did. Following theexperiment, the subjects will be debriefed about the true purpose of theresearch.

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