Directions Answer the Two Case Study Questions Below. Each

Directions: Answer the Two Case Study Questions Below. Each Question’s Answer should be at Least Two (2) Paragraphs. You can you the Case Question Answers below AS A GUIDE. Do not use the exact Case Question Answers as the answers for the assignment. Make the answers new, original and expanded upon. The actual case studies are provided as attachments for reference as well.Case Study #1 – Foreign Direct Investment in the Indian Retail Industry (IC#2.2) Case Study – the following Case Study Question in at least TWO (2) paragraphs:Question 1. Why is the Indian retail industry so inviting?Answer: The current retailing system is fragmented by many small and inefficient firms. The result: waste and higher prices to consumers with lower prices to farmers.  ————————————————————————–Case Study #2 – Jobek do Brasil’s Foreign Exchange Challenges (IC#2.4)Case Study – 1. How do you evaluate Jobek’s situation from the resource- based and institution-based views? Why have resources and institutions hindered Barny from coping with the foreign exchange situation, but simultaneously helped him turn his company around?Answer: Clearly Jobek has had to take a fall back position and give up some of its capabilities in order to survive and one of the sources of Jobek’s problems is the Brazilian government changing the rules of the game. Local financial institutions do not have the sophisticated derivatives that could be used to minimize currency risks resulting partly from government policy. The process of turning the company around is far from complete.

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