Directions&nbsp Attached is the completed problem, 10-K SEC,an

Directions:  Attached is the completed problem, 10-K SEC,and info from Mergent database.Please write it as WSVC analyst’s report to investors’ community. Yourpaper should be structured as a report, not as a set of answers to questions ofproblem 811. Nevertheless, it should address these questions. You also shouldattach or embed an Excel file supporting your report data. It is a good idea toput your recommendations in the very first paragraph or executive summary ofthe report. Also, feel free to educate your readers you do not know how muchthey know about relative valuation and about the industry.About timing of your analysis and report: Assume that your report isprepared in early January 2006 and use all information publicly available bythat time. Please keep in mind that while stock prices become availableimmediately, financial statements are published with some delay (EDGAR containsthe filing dates).Acquisition took place in December 2005. You can (and should) use anyrelevant information that was publicly available by that time, i.e., textbook’sinformation is not enough! For example, companies’ financial statements areusually become available 12 months after the end of fiscal period, so the thirdquarter statements were publicly available by that time. EDGAR (SEC financial database)contains these statements and filing their dates. I want to bring yourattention to Mergent database, which contains historical stock pricedata for companies, which are not publicly traded anymore.12345.xls 2005 10-K (ConocoPhillips).pdf ConocoPhillips Income (2004-2005).pdf

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