Discuss self-improvement on the basis of improvement of the family budget.

Running Head: PDSA 2


PDSA Worksheet

Tamara Giebler

National American University

Quality and Risk Management

Ruth Vivian Derby

December 16, 2018

Aim Statement

We will improve our family’s budget planner and make sure that we are reducing our debt. The best way to accomplish this would be to update our budget planner as bills come in the mail or email weekly, and as bills are paid, we will subtract from our budget for the current month. I know that this will be a weekly issue, there is no ending date of success, since this is our budget, and we will always have monthly bills. We will update our budget planner every week as bills come in and having a budget planner will help us keep on track.

I choose family budget because it is something, we are having problems with currently, and have never kept a budget planner. We have not needed a practical budget planner technique before. My husband and I are trying to get our grandson out of foster care in Pennsylvania. We have five children together, but they are all over 18, and on their own, so we will not have a lot of bills to keep up with after we file chapter thirteen, due to being forced to move in less than thirty days a year ago, which was the beginning of our struggles. As a result, it has been a necessity to structure a budget planner routine.


We made a few changes already. Many changes are needed to be made, we have had a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney, and if we can get him all the documents that are required, he will be able to file a chapter thirteen on our behalf next week. We do realize that we need to put this at the top of our foremost to do list. The course of action is getting our budget where it needs to be, which will give us a chance to better our families lives.

However, we have a beautiful home, enough for our family and for visitors to come for a visit. My husband and I each have a vehicle, and we have an RV camper. We both have good jobs that we take pleasure in. Our grandson will be in a safe and permanent home. We both have friends; we like to stay home mostly. We will not be taking vacations until our finances are where they need to be. However, we will be making a few camping trips to get away and relax.

Evidence-Based Sources

The Likert Scale will provide me with a weekly update of how we are progressing, and I have used the sample sheet given. I have also disclosed my numbers as I turned in my assignment from week five. We have improved on;

· Before purchasing anything impulsively, I put the cost into perspective by taking the amount of the item cost and divide into my hourly wage. (If you buy a $50 pair of shoes but make only $10/hr., are they worth 5 hours of work?)

· I have researched and consistently use coupons and rebates when making purchases.

· I have managed to engage my family in saving.

Criteria to Measure Success

In the run chart, I will be using the point system, budgeting, weekly assessments, and goal setting This is where I see the worth of budgeting, setting goals and priorities. These criteria will change working habits and using them in that aspect will make a difference. The data we are collecting is putting all of our income and bills together, and we intend to display it in a chart on everydoller website; which will help us visually with our finances. We have signed up for a site called everydoller, it will calculate our Income, giving, savings, housing, transportation, food, personal, lifestyle, health, Insurance, and debt. As we put in our income vs. are output. I believe that this will help us keep track of our finances.

Final Thoughts

I am still stressed with my own goals; however, I am working towards effectively getting our budget under control. I will resume to move forward and keep striving to accomplish our goals. We have incorporated the PDSA Improvement Model up to this point for this is helping us to stay on track. And watching the sale ads, myself and my husband are working on this together instead of it just being me. This helps me quite a bit.


Everydoller. (2018). Budget 2018. Retrieved from https://www.everydollar.com/app/budget

Spath, P. (2018). Introduction to healthcare quality management. (3rd ed). Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.

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